Dulcimers for Sale

I have three dulcimers for sale. There is a small size Hungrian cimbalom mad be Janos Bohak with damper pedal. It is a limited edition numbered 70. Two fine chromatic dulcimers made Tim Manning both going down to C on bass clef.

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Big Bang Percussion

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The Bolshoi-The Winter’s Tale April 2019

An interview for Resonance FM about the dulcimers for The Winter’s Tale at the Bolshoi in Moscow April 2019

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BBC Cimbalom Prom Concert 24 August 2018

Cimbalom interview BBC TV4

I was interviewed for this concert of cimbalom music at the RAH on BBC TV4.

BBC cimbalom Prom 2018

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The Winter’s Tale at The Bolshoi

Bolshoi Press ReleaseV2

The Bolshoi ballet are performing The Winter’s Tale in February 2019. They will be using dulcimers for the stage band built by Tim Manning and designed by Greg Knowles.

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Broken Wings

Coming up at the Haymarket Theatre is a new musical based the book Broken Wings by Khalil Gilbran. It has a very interesting part for dulcimer.

The poster for Broken Wings coming soon to the Haymarket Theatre

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The Winters Tale 2018

Rustic Dulcimer

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Written on Skin ROH 2017

Played in the fantastic opera by George Benjamin in January this year with amazing soprano Barbara Hannigan. Lots of exotic instruments. I was playing Indian Tabla.

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Royal Ballet and Royal Opera

Here’s my custom built dulcimer made by Tim Manning. He has so far built 4 dulcimers and customised a fifth for this piece. He is the master of Dulcimers.

Playing this year at both Royal Ballet and Royal Opera House

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Fiddler on the Roof

I played cimbalom in Chichester in Fiddler on the Roof this Summer. A completely new arrangement of the original old Topol show with a real ethnic Klezmer feel, onstage band and everything.

Fiddler on the Roof Chichester

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